Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pool Party!

Yesterday was a perfect day for a pool party so while Meadow and I were napping, Mom blew up the pool and put water in it. Kate came over after her nap and we all had a ton of fun playing in it!

Before Kate got there, Meadow and I had a blast following each other in and out of the pool.

I love drinking pool water! Mom says it's 'yucky' but I don't mind!

It was super fun dumping water out with my bucket, but brrrr was that water cold!

Here I am showing Mom the sign for 'cold.' Kate thought it was pretty funny!

Here we all are afterward, exhausted but happy!

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Mary said...

Meadow is so cute in the pool with them! And of course our little spiky-head is adorable as well. Kate is so good at looking like she's up to something. Sara better watch out!