Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving this year. We ended up spending Thanksgiving day with Mom's family and a few friends without family nearby, but we also got to see my grandma and grandpa Dyk that same week. We were able to do some fun stuff with them during their stay. Everyone knows I love the zoo, but there's one thing that can make the zoo even better... lights! Yep, we did Zoo Lights with Grandma and Grandpa and even though it was pretty cold, we had fun seeing the lights and animals that were still up.

Esther was a trooper all through the evening and eventually fell asleep in the stroller.

We also went to see the tree in downtown Portland one night during their stay.

We stopped off at Starbucks for a tasty beverage to warm us all up!

Here we are goofing around at a super yummy Ethiopian restaurant.

It was a great way to spend the holiday! Thanks for coming to visit, Grandma and
Grandpa Dyk!