Monday, July 13, 2009

Mt. Hood Activities

Last week Mom and I met up with Meadow and her mom, Jocelyn, to visit the Wildwood Recreation Area. We went on a little hike and then had a picnic lunch near the playground. Meadow is very lucky to live in the Mt. Hood area. It is beautiful!

Then yesterday my aunt Carrie visited and we drove up to Mt. Hood's Timberline Lodge. It was fun checking out the lodge, but I had the most fun playing in the snow. Now I can't wait for winter to come again!
It was pretty foggy up there, but Mom found this photo of the lodge online so you could see what it might look like on a clear day with the mountain behind.

The fireplace at Timberline is the largest in the Pacific Northwest. Above is a photo of Dad and Aunt Carrie with the fireplace taken on the first floor. Mom found this photo online since we forgot to take a photo of just the fireplace.

Mom and Dad on the second floor with the fireplace behind them. It was quite impressive!

I really liked the snow! Slippery, but fun!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July in Seattle

My mom and dad planned a fun little trip to Seattle over the weekend of the 4th this year. We were only there two days, but we packed in a lot of fun activities. The best part of the trip was getting there and back. We took the train (the Amtrak train, as I like to tell people) and the scenery from the train is awesome. I had fun meeting people on the train, watching movies, wandering around and just looking out the window. It was well worth it to go without our own car for a few days.

We also got to see my aunt Carrrie, who lives in the Seattle area. She was gracious enough to drive us around while there and we had a ton of fun celebrating the holiday with her. We decided to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island, hang out for a few hours there and then hop back on the ferry just before the firework display began at 10:00. Unfortunately, the show we were expecting to see got cancelled, which would have allowed to us have a great view of some fireworks, but we did see some off in the distance. Overall, it was a great time and we are happy with the way our 4th of July activities turned out.

Here's a photo of Me, Dad and Aunt Carrie on the ferry just about to head to Bainbridge Island from Seattle.

Our family just as we docked at the island.

We enjoyed some live music while hanging out in the downtown of Bainbridge Island. I had a blast dancing and playing with my balloons.

The next day we took the Monorail from downtown Seattle, where our hotel was, to the Space Needle. It runs above the city streets and is a pretty short ride, but I thought it was fun. If you ever ride it, sit up front for the best view!

Dad and me being silly on the Monorail. I'm wearing the shirt my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Mike got for me when they last visited Hawaii. Pretty cool, huh?

I also had some fun playing in the big fountain by the Key Arena. I got a little scared when the water shot out at me getting me all wet, but I told Mom and Dad I'd like to go back again someday anyway.

I was brave enough to go up and touch the center of the fountain!

After that, Carrie met up with us and we went to Snoqualmie to see a train museum. Just my luck... more trains! We got to check out all sorts of old trains and various cars up close, which I loved.

Check out this HUGE log on an old log car!

We took a walk that passed by a bunch of old trains that were partially disintegrated. It was fun seeing them all up close, especially the old steam engines.

Last but not least, we stopped off at Snoqualmie Falls. It was super busy, but we thought it was definitely worth stopping for, especially since it was only a mile from the train museum. :)

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thomas Day Out

As part of my birthday gift from Mom and Dad, I got tickets to Thomas Day Out. I have been talking about seeing Thomas ever since my birthday and was thrilled when the day finally arrived. I went with Mom and Nana, Kate, Sara and Grandma Jill. We went on a night when hardly any other kids were there and basically had the run of the place. Of course, I was totally thrilled when Thomas pulled up and it was time to climb aboard. Here are a few photos from our fun day.

On the shuttle bus to the train station. :)

Here we are with the balloon guy. I had him make me a yellow dinosaur.

I got to meet Sir Topham Hatt too!

I also got a Harold tattoo!

There was a petting zoo with all sorts of cute animals.

We had a ton of fun on the bouncy house.

The highlight of my day was meeting Thomas! The sun was so bright in our eyes, it was hard to look at the camera.

And here we are on the train, ready to go!

We got these cool 3D glasses and wore them much of the trip.

What a fun outing it was. I keep asking Mom to ride on Thomas again and she says we can go the next time he comes to town (next year). Yay! Can't wait!