Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oxbow Park Birthday Party

This month two lovely ladies celebrated their birthday and they invited me to partake in the festivities. Last night we had a little get-together at Oxbow Park to celebrate our friends, Sara and Katie. Of course, we kids had the most fun chasing each other around and getting dirty.

Yes, Isaac's right foot is completely submerged in water in this picture. What a funny guy!

My buddies and I were having fun kicking the ball around until we saw this deer, so we decided to run after it instead. Truth be told, this was not your average deer. It would not leave us alone all evening! I know our food looked good, but I couldn't believe how badly this deer wanted to join our party!

Here are a few photos of the families and one of all the gals.

I had fun singing 'Happy Day' to Sara and Katie, but I had even more fun eating that cake Marisa made! Yummies!

Happy Birthday, Sara and Katie! We love you!

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