Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

We did have a few bouts of sunshine a few weeks back but it must've been just a teaser because now it's just raining... and hailing... and occasionally snowing. I want to see some sun!
Okay, enough venting about that. I've still been having some fun despite our crummy weather. Last week I went to a park near Nana and Papa's house and had fun playing outside, even though it was not the best day for it. The park I visited is actually the one my mom played at all the time while growing up. It is always fun to visit a new park! I've also had lots of fun playing with Kate, even though it's needed to be indoors.

The highlight of my week was going to Kate's birthday party this past weekend. All my closest friends were there and there were balloons, bubbles and cake so I had a great time! I think my favorite part of the party was helping Kate open her presents. Kate had this great idea to make a 'wish list' on It worked out pretty well for her as she got some great stuff! So, I thought I better make one too since my second birthday is just around the corner. ;)

Happy Birthday Kate!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Daddy Day

My dad's pretty busy these days with work and school so Mom and I have tried our best to let him do his thing so that he can finish the term and graduate with his MPA in June. Today, however, I think Dad needed a break from work so he suggested we get out and do something outside. I have been pretty into animals lately so Mom suggested we head to Laurelhurst park so I could see the ducks. We saw lots of ducks and even a blue heron up close. It was sweet! Here are a few photos of us from our trip out.

We also went to OMSI last Sunday so we could finally see the dinosaur exhibit and found out they were having a $2 day (fyi: the first Sunday of every month from now on is going to be a $2 day). I got in for free so our total cost for the outing was only $4. Score! My favorite things to look at were, of course, the lifesize mechanical dinosaurs and the live animals they had throughout the other exhibits.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Old friends and New, My Trains and Politics

We've had some crazy weather this past week here in Portland. Last week there were several days where we got snow. Mom and I still wanted to have fun so we went to the Sip 'n Play with Bodhi and Marisa one day and we also had Guthrie and his dad, Matt, over one night for dinner. I also got to meet a new friend, Andrew. Andrew is Isaac's younger brother and he was born 12 days ago. I thought he was pretty cute and gave him a couple kisses, but I sure didn't like it when Mom tried to hold him. I thought he was better off with his own Mom. In the photo below, he is being held by Aunt Mary, which was okay too.

This week has become much nicer with temps in the 60's, so we were able to go outside for a walk and went to the park a couple times as well. Today, while at the park with Kate, I was able to see some ducks swimming! I had so much fun watching them that I didn't want to leave. :(

By now you all know about my obsession with trains. Well, Mom found a good deal on craigslist for a used train table. Can you imagine my excitement when Dad brought that up the stairs?! I've been playing with it non-stop ever since. Happy early birthday to me! It's a good bet that the three words I use most are 'Thomas,' 'Percy,' and 'James.' :)

On a more serious note: I've been really trying to keep up on all that's happening with the presidential primaries and often ask to see the conventional wisdom page in our newsweek. In the video below, you will see for yourself how much I've learned by watching the debates, reading the newsweek, etc.