Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun times with family and friends!

I've been on a roll lately with the whole blogging thing, huh? Well, here's another one.
This past week has continued to be a busy one with lots of activities involving family and friends. On Friday I went to the Westfield shopping center (a.k.a. Vancouver mall) with Mom and Grandma Anderson. After we spent some time shopping for Dad, I convinced Mom to let me run around a bit in the kids play area they have in the middle of the mall. It was there that I got to try out my driving skills on a car for the first time!

Later that evening Mom, Dad, Aunt Mary, Grandma Anderson, Uncle Bill and I went to Camas Days where I got to enjoy my first Teriyaki stick. Yum!

Then on Saturday I went to a birthday party for my friend, Melanie. Now this party made mine look like a bore! There were all sorts of games to play like bocce, croquet (which I enjoyed trying to play), water balloon fights, etc. and lots of good people to hang out with, not to mention all the food! Kate and I got to enjoy our first wagon ride there too!

Oh yes, and I almost forgot to mention that I've gotten a few more teeth this past month. I finally popped out my other front tooth yesterday so I won't look as much like a snaggletooth. I have one more coming any day now so that'll make six (four on top and two on the bottom)!
Hope this message finds you well and that you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am!
Lots of Love,

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love summers in the NW!

I know I just posted a blog not too long ago, but I wanted to share with you all why I love summers here in the great NW. First of all, the weather is perfect. It's not too hot (at least yet) and just beautiful. We even got a few patches of rain here these last few weeks, which in my opinion, was welcome. :)
Secondly, we have a ton of fun stuff to do here! Mom and Dad took me on a walk over in the NW area of Portland and we stopped for dessert at Rose's, a little restaurant/bakery that has been serving our community since 1956. I got to try some of their yummy banana cake and chocolate eclair. YUMMY!

I also got to be part of the festivities at the opening of the Portland IKEA store. Mom, Sara, Kate and I rode the MAX train over to IKEA and walked through the whole store. My favorite part was going into the Children's department. They have a special tunnel just for kids to go through. Pretty sweet!

Lastly, someone came up with this brilliant idea to schedule concerts at our very own Oregon Zoo and I just happened to be invited to one. Yep, Dad's work, Moss Adams, invited all the Portland employees to a Los Lobos concert there. I enjoyed hearing the music, getting to mingle with other Moss Adams employees, and I even got to see a few zoo animals. It was the best!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer fun!

Hi all-

I've been enjoying this year's summer season and have been up to all sorts of fun things. Kate's thrown a few pool parties in her back yard and you know I was there for all of those. At first I wasn't sure about the cool water (my bath water is always nice and warm, ya know?), but I enjoyed it much better the second time around. Here's a photo of me in the sweet pool Kate owns. Yep, as you can see Mom's got me decked out in my spf shirt, hat and swim diaper, not to mention loads of sunscreen as well.

I've also been spending quite a bit of time with the fam. Mom's fam, to be exact. We've visited the Camas Burgerville, a little fast-food chain out here in the great NW, a few times recently due to the fact that they have a kid's play area equipped with a fun grill to practice my burger flipping skills and they also have a coin-operated motorcycle that I've gotten to ride on a few times. Don't tell Mom I plan to get my own someday!