Saturday, September 17, 2011

Off to Kindergarten I Go

I FINALLY started Kindergarten this past week. It seemed like all my friends had started before me so I was ready when my first day came. I didn't appear to be nervous at all that morning, especially when I saw some familiar faces upon entering my classroom. My baby sister, however... well, that was a different story. Esther didn't want to leave without me and caused quite a scene as Mom tried to say goodbye and whisk her screaming child out in mother-of-the year fashion (a.k.a. purse and camera on one arm, 2-year-old under the other). Oh yes, and try picturing all this in a very quiet Montessori classroom. Perfect memory for our family. :-)

Here we are getting ready to leave the house.

By my cubby in the classroom.

And for fun, here is a collage with photos of my first day of three year old preschool, first day of pre-K, and Kindergarten. I'm definitely a big kid now. :-)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Party

I celebrated my 5th birthday in style this past weekend, Star Wars style that is. Mom and Nana had a lot of fun planning my party. I picked out some fabric I liked and with a 50% off coupon in tow, they bought enough to make a banner, flags, two table runners, silhouette pictures and cover the mirror above our buffet in the dining room. My favorite color is blue so blue felt was used to accent the black star/galaxy fabric.

Mom made lightsabers for all my friends using only pool noodles and black and silver duct tape. :-)

Our lighsaber treats were chocolate dipped pretzels. Yum!

Mom's very talented friend, Melissa, made my awesome R2D2 cake. I loved it!

We kids had a great time playing games. As part of our Jedi training, we were timed while trying to keep a balloon up in the air using only our lightsaber. Next, we practiced our aiming skills by shooting wall decals of characters from the dark side.

Then we went outside and we were given the task of destroying evil droids which were dropped down on us from above. After that, we played a Star Wars version of Simon Says, "Obi-Wan Says."

Finally, we were ready to go up against the death star. Together we overthrew the Galactic Empire!

After all that work, it was time to celebrate with food and cake.

And lastly, I opened up presents from my wonderful friends and family.

After the party was over Mom asked if I had a good time. I enthusiastically answered, "Of course I did!" What a perfect way to turn five!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soccer Season Starts!

It's my first season playing soccer, but I'm certain I'll keep playing until I make it to the big leagues. In fact, I've been telling people for months that I'm playing on the Portland Timbers team. :-)

My buddy, Michael, is on my team. Needless to say, we're going to have a blast playing soccer together!

Can't wait for my first game!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Me: "Mom, I want to get a Valentine's day card to give my best friend."

Mom: "You do? That's sweet of you. Who would you like to give this card to?"

Me: "Probably Esther." And, of course, she then melts.

There is so much fun to be had when your sibling is also your best friend.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow!!

We aren't enduring snow storms like those folks on the east coast, but we are about 45 minutes away from the mountain and thus can enjoy the snow when we want. We've been up to the mountain a couple times already and so here are a few pictures from these fun visits.

We went sledding with some friends one day and I LOVED it!!

We also went up to Government Camp when Aunt Carrie and my cousin, Job, visited from Houston.

Esther loved the snow too. :-)

Dad says he may even take me skiing for the first time this year. Woohoo! I love snow!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas holiday is almost upon us and I am most definitely looking forward to it with much anticipation. Here are a few traditions we have in our family this time of year.

We always go to Zoo Lights, one of my favorite holiday activities. Every year it gets better and better. This year we lucked out and went on a warm night. We met up with some friends who are also Oregon Zoo members so it was lots of fun.

Kate, Bodhi and me

We also visited Santa. I was very excited to see Santa, despite the fact that we don't really do the Santa thing in our family. Esther, however, was not too thrilled with the guy in the red suit. Luckily, they managed to get one quick photo before the screams of terror began.

We decorated (and ate plenty of) cookies with friends.

Me and Kate enjoying our tasty treats.

This year we also rode the Holiday Express Train. I was thrilled to finally ride on a full-size steam engine. We went with our friends, the Smiths. Both of us forgot our cameras for the actual train ride, but Mom had hers in the car so we snapped a quick photo of our group before heading out.
Can you spot the unhappy person in the photo?

The train would blow it's very loud whistle and let off steam every few minutes and it happened to do just that right before this photo was taken. My poor little sister was not a fan.

We also made gingerbread trains later that day with the Smith family. Michael and I got distracted by all the toys though and Mom had a rough time keeping our little gingerbread train together! Yikes! Here she is with her train and her friend, Melissa, with her train. Melissa wants to have a gingerbread house making contest. Wonder who would win...

And here's one of us kids.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sorry for the late post on Halloween and sorry for my lack of blogging in general. My sister and I in our costumes were too cute not to share, so hold on to your hats. We may be the cutest Peter Pan and Tinkerbell you've ever seen. :)

Here's one Mom snapped of us together in the backyard.

And here's one of us with Wendy a.k.a Kate and Captain Hook a.k.a. Jameson. Aren't we the cutest?!

Unfortunately, Mom didn't get a whole lot of good photos of us trick-or-treating because this is what we looked like once we started off.

Couldn't even stop for a picture. Oh well. At least she thought to snap a few beforehand. ;)