Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas at the Beach...

Wow! I just got back from Southern California, and it was a blast! Rather tha posting photos here in the blog, I decided to post the entire album. Cllick here for a link to the entire album.

We met up with my Aunt Carrie, Grandma & Grandpa Dyk, Great Grandma Dyk, and Great Grammy and Grandpa Moore. We had a rented condo at Port Hueneme, not too far from Camarillo where the Moores live. I had my first airplane ride on the way there, which was a piece of cake, and then met my Great Grandma Dyk at the airport.

We had really great weather. Check out the photos of the sunsets from our back porch. Aunt Carrie made really great gourmet meals for us, so we spent most of our time enjoying the sunshine, reading books, eating, and just hanging out with family.

I spent some quality time at the beach on the trip too, which was a lot of fun. I walked around in the sand, and enjoyed the pier.

Then, on Christmas night, I put on some Huggies "Swimmers" and went swimming in the heated pool. My dad said it wasn't too cold, but when I got in, I begged to differ... "Brrr," I said! But my Grandpa Dyk wrapped me up in a nice dry towel while the rest of the fam warmed up in the hot tub.

My parents say that I'm a little spoiled now because I've basically been held and pampered for 4 days straight, but I like to think of it as a nice little vacation. Perhaps we should do it more often!
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