Friday, June 26, 2009

Outdoor Adventures in the NW

My Oma, or Grandma Dyk, came to visit this past week and because the NW is just beautiful this time of year, we did a few fun activities outdoors. On Father's Day we drove down to Silver Falls and spent the morning and early afternoon there enjoying the awesome park and scenery. The drive (we took different routes to and from) was amazing and overall we had a great time.

I had fun playing behind the waterfall. It was like a little cave back there!

Here we all are behind the falls.

And here's one of just the falls. There are a total of 10 waterfalls in the park. We just saw the main one at the south falls.

Mom made stuffed peppers and strawberry shortcake (Dad's favorites) for dinner and we relaxed and watched a movie together before heading to bed. Love you, Dad! You are the best!

Then on Tuesday we went out to Timothy Lake. Timothy Lake is very close to Mt. Hood and is just a wonderful sight to see (if you ever come out this way). I had a blast playing in the water and checking out the park/campground. We hope to go back again someday and camp overnight.

I am glad we had some sand toys for me to play with, but I sure wish I had brought my river shoes with me so I could get in and have some real fun.

Look at this huge log! It took awhile for me to climb up onto it. Of course, I would not let Mom or Grandma help me at all.

We found a picnic table right next to the lake where we had the best view while eating our lunch.

Thanks for coming to visit Oma Dyk! We love you and can't wait to see you again!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three Year Pictures

Mom did much better this year getting my pictures taken close to my birthday. We went to the Academy in downtown Vancouver to take them. Thank you, Susanne, for the photoshop actions. Mom thought they were fun and easy to use!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Turning Three

I had a fun party to celebrate my birthday, but then I had a lot of fun on my actual birthday too. Mom and I went to Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver with Kate and Sara and had lunch at a cute little gelato/panini shop.

On the evening of my birthday I went to Chevy's with Nana, Papa, Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary. I got a free meal (with ice cream) and a sombrero to take home. It was a super fun day!

At Chevy's

Here are a few photos to show how I've grown in the last three years.

Here I am as a newborn.

At One.

At Two.

At Three (more 3 year photos coming soon).

Mom and Dad are pretty proud of the accomplishments I've made this year. I sleep great in my big boy bed and have recently become toilet trained, just to name a few. Here's hoping this coming year is even better than the last!

My Favorite Time of Year

I love spring in the NW because we live in such a beautiful place and when it's not raining I get to go outside and enjoy my surroundings. Here are a few photos of my recent outdoor activities.

A couple weeks back a bunch of us got together for a bbq at the Salsigs and they had a slip n' slide set up in the backyard for us kids to play on. I LOVED it!

I got a little cold, so every once in awhile I'd wrap up in a towel with Dad to get warm.

I also went to the zoo with Kate and had a great time. We caught the bird show and even though we have had a zoo membership this past year and thus have gone lots, I never seem to catch the bird show. It was a lot of fun seeing those big birds up close!
Here is a photo of Kate and I waiting for the bird show to start.

Mom and Me hanging out by the elephants.

I think Nana has an old picture of Mom on this goat statue when she was about my age.

This week I went out to to visit my friend, Meadow. She lives right on the Sandy River and basically has a "beach" for a backyard. I couldn't wait to go play in the sand and have been asking for weeks to "go to the beach at Meadow's." We had a blast getting all dirty and wet.

We had fun throwing sand in this little pool of warmer water we found next to the river.

Then we decided we'd go in it and that was fun too!

After we got all cleaned up using her outdoor warm water faucet, we had lunch and played some more inside. It was fun playing peek-a-boo in a big box she had that we both fit in. What a fun day!

Most of all, I love riding my tricycle outside. I got a scooter for my birthday and I'm sure I'll enjoy riding it more and more as I get used to it, but for now my trike is the thing I enjoy most in life (that and trains).

Here I am on my scooter.

After about 5 minutes on my scooter the other day, I asked for my trike. :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

My Thomas Birthday

On Saturday of this past weekend we celebrated my 3rd birthday. I have been making it known for months now that I wanted a Thomas birthday so that is what we did. It was a lot of fun, mostly because I had so many of my friends there. We met at our local park and played on the playground before having lunch and then did some fun activities before finally cutting the cake. My cake was amazing! Mom's friend, Melissa, really out did herself this year with my cake. I loved it! Here are some photos from my fun day.

Mom kept these railroad crossing signs she made for my first birthday party, thinking maybe I'd have another train party someday. We may even use them again!

Here are some photos of my friends and me with the Thomas poster my mom made. We all had fun putting our faces behind it!

We also played "Pin the Bee on James' Nose" with another poster Mom made. We all had fun taking a turn!

There was also a cookie decorating station (with train shaped cookies, of course).

I received many fun new gifts, but this one was the hit of the party. A remote controlled train!

Then it was time for cake!

I had a great time at my party and am so thankful for my many friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helped make my day so special!