Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Is it sunny today?"

Usually the first thing I ask Mom when I wake up in the morning is, "Is it sunny today?" Spring is here and I could not be happier. We've been going to the park a lot recently and I also love to ride my tricycle and new bicycle outside.

On the weekends we usually try to do something fun outside, if it is nice. Lots of times we head out to the gorge and do a little hiking. Here I am with Daddy at Multnomah Falls.

One weekend we headed down south to Detroit Lake. I had a lot of fun playing in the water. Boy, was it a good thing I wore my boots that day!

We also like to go to our Oregon Zoo whenever we get a chance. It's great being a member because we can go as often as we like and never feel like we have to see everything in one day. Oh yes, and if you're wondering, this is one of my new smiles.

Of course, my favorite thing to do at the zoo is ride the zoo train. :)