Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Events

Well, a lot has happened in my life this past month. I thought I would start off by sharing with you some of my recent accomplishments. I began walking about a month ago and truth be told… I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Mom and Dad, of course, got a video clip of me taking some of my first steps. At first I wasn’t too sure about letting go of the furniture and such, but they were clever enough to lure me out of my comfort zone by enticing me with electronic devices (as you will see in the video).

Here is the video...

I also acquired a couple pearly whites. I am also pretty proud of these and have found that it’s a lot of fun having teeth to bite with. Here’s a photo of me showing off my new teeth. My parents (Mom especially) don’t appreciate feeling my teeth on their skin, so I’ve been hearing some pretty firm “NO” commands lately. Ah, but they don’t scare me!

Our neighborhood had a parade and carnival a few weeks ago, so Mom, Sara and Kate and I went to check it out. They had a dunk tank, a clown, and lots of really interesting information booths about preserving our clean water, getting proper nutrition, etc. Kate and I liked the dunk tank the best. Below is a photo of us walking over to get in line for a shot at it!

My grandma Dyk also came to visit last week and we had a blast hanging out with her. We took her to an Ethiopian restaurant one night for dinner and I gotta say, those cooks there know how to make a mean meal out of lentils! Yummy! Below is a photo of me with Grandma Dyk and I just before we went on a walk in our neighborhood.

After Grandma Dyk left, the next day we hopped on a plane (notice how I seem so relaxed about the whole flying experience – heck, I’m an old pro now!) to Boise (well ok it was Nampa really, but some of you may not know where that is!) where we went to see my cousin, Seya, graduate from high school. I had a good time running around with my cousins and seeing the sites in Nampa. Little known fact: this town has their own farmer’s market! Here’s a photo of me playing with some of my cousins.

It definitely has been a busy month for me and this coming week will be no exception. In case you haven’t checked your calendar recently, let me remind you that I am turning one this week. Stay tuned for updates on that!