Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Local Community Center

Over the last few weeks, I've been able to check out a few of the activities available to me at our local community center. They have an indoor play park that I've been to a few times and on Monday mornings there's something called, "Art Park," where they have a variety of art projects for kids my age to participate in. Mom and I met Kate and Sara for "art park" this week and had a great time making lots of pictures with stencils, stamps, paints, glue and glitter. I even did a little finger painting though I was not so sure about getting my hands all icky. :)

Kate and I also signed up for a gymnastics class at the community center. It's been fun playing on the all the equipment. They have a couple trampolines, slides, bars to swing on, balance beams and a few other things to use.

I spent most of my time today working on my somersaults. I am getting pretty good!

I can't wait to go to class next week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Love Friends

The last few weeks we've done some fun stuff with friends and rather than blogging about each activity separately, I thought I'd put it all together in one.

The first activity I'll tell you about is Zoo Lights. Last year my family and I went to zoo lights and had a blast so we figured we better go again since I like lights so much right now. I've noticed most people have taken down their Christmas lights so whenever we go driving after dark I say sadly, "There are no more Christmas lights." Anyway, every year our Oregon zoo puts up thousands of lights and lets the community come see the zoo after they would normally close. It usually runs up until the New Year, but this year they extended it a week later due to the snow storm. We didn't get to see too many animals (only a few are still out for viewing), but I did get to see my favorite animal, the baby elephant Samudra. Isn't he so cute?

My buddy, Bodhi and I also had fun riding the wooden animals. Thank you, Marisa, for remembering your camera!

Last week my mom took me to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time. We met up with my neighbor friend, Audrey, and her mom, Kristi. I thought it was a blast but I think Mom got tired of chasing me around the place. I was really excited about all the neat rides and games!
I was a little scared of Chuck E. Cheese, so Kristi held me while I got my picture taken with him.

This was my favorite game to play. I wanted to ride the horse all night.

We've had a lot of rainy weather these past few weeks so Mom and I went with Sara and Kate to the Jantzen Beach carousel for something else to do. Kate and I loved picking out our horses and can't wait to go again!

Here I am showing off what I call my "cute face."