Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend outings

We had a busy weekend for sure, so here's a little update on what all we've been up to. On Saturday we went and hung out with Marisa, Brian and Bodhi over in east Vancouver and took some family photos while we were at it. I didn't really feel like smiling, but I think they turned out alright anyway.

On Sunday we met Marisa, Brian, Erika, and Bodhi at the Oregon Zoo and had a great time seeing all the animals. I still think the elephants are my favorite, but the sea lions and giraffe were pretty cool also.

We also went over to John, Rebecca, and Blaze's new home that evening. They just moved to Tigard, OR and their house is amazing! We thought we'd snap a photo of the fam while we were there. That's my friend, Blaze, in the photo with us. We think he's just the best! Yes, that is a balloon in the photo too. I am really into balloons, alright!! The next photo is of John, Rebecca, and Blaze. Oh, and Rebecca recently took a cake decorating class and made this beautiful cake for us. It even had my name on it!

Can't wait for halloween! I am going to be a cow this year. Moo moo!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birthday celebrations!

It was my mom's 28th birthday this past weekend and we all had a lot of fun celebrating. On Friday, Aunt Mary took us all out to McMenamins Edgefield for dinner. I didn't know what to get Mom for her birthday, so it worked out perfectly that we went there the day before as they gave me some paper and coloring crayons to draw with while we waited for our food. I colored Mom this great picture you see in the picture above. On Saturday, we went to my nana and papa's house for dinner and had pizza and pie. Yum! Then on Sunday I went and hung out with Kate while Mom and Dad went out with some friends for dinner at a local Vietnamese restaurant. And finally, on Monday we had some friends over for dinner to celebrate Mom and Fred's (that's Kate's dad) birthday. It was a super fun weekend.

Mom decided it would be a good idea to have an extra stroller at the house for those days when Dad takes the car. This way we can still get out of the house. So, she'd been looking for quite awhile on craigslist for a good deal on a baby jogger (which, by the way, are originally made in Yakima, WA) and finally found one this past weekend. It's pretty sweet!

We also went to Ikea to look at kids tables. I checked 'em all out and finally decided on a white one. I think it's pretty cool that I have my own table and chair now! Oh and in case you didn't notice, I am wearing the sweater Mom knit when she was pregnant with me. :)

Okay, now here's the video that you've all been waiting for... the video of me dancing or as we say 'wigglin' it.' Mom and Dad have been teaching me some new moves and they caught it on tape for you all to enjoy. Sorry it's a bit dark. The video was taken at Mcmenamins and the area we were seated in was not very well lit. Still, you get the idea. :)

Hope all is well.


Friday, October 12, 2007

The girls are back!

As many of you know, my friend, Kate, and her mom, Sara, went to Paris last week. We missed them a lot, to say the least. As luck would have it, Mom got a cold this past weekend, so I had to wait even longer to see Kate. It was a good visit, though. We played a bit inside and outside at Kate's house, with her trike and new swing. Don't you just love to be outside in the fall? Oh and Kate even gave me a kiss. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Visit from Great Grandpa and Grammy Moore

My great grandpa and grammy Moore came into town this week and so I got to see them tonight. You might think it awfully late for me to be up on the computer, but this blogging thing is so easy I can practically do it in my sleep! As I was saying before, my cousin twice removed, (anyone know if that is the correct relation?) Patty, was gracious enough to bring them over to our place for dinner. Mom and Dad woke me up from my nap so I could join everyone for the meal and I was pretty cranky about that, but later on in the evening I was given a fun new toy that our company brought just for me! Yippee! Above is a photo of me playing with my great grandpa Moore. I love my new toy! Thanks for my toy and thanks for coming to visit!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Well, we did brave the weather on Saturday and headed out to the pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island. It was cold, but Mom and Dad bundled me up real good so I kept pretty toasty. We went with my uncle Bill, grandma Jane, aunt Mary, Marisa, Brian, and Bodhi. The pumpkin patch had a ton of fun stuff to see and do, so I think we will definitely go again in the future! We saw some real life animals in their animal barn, got to go on a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch where I picked out my own pumpkin to take home, and there was a hay pyramid that I got to play on with Dad. Oh, and the best part of the trip... going to Starbucks afterward for a pumpkin spice latte! Here are a couple fun pictures from the day. Enjoy!

Friday, October 05, 2007

My way of play

Hello again. I bet some of you may have wondered a time or two, 'What does Jonah do all day when he and his mom are at home?' Well, I'll tell you. When I am awake and not eating a meal, I find all sorts of things to get into at home. I like crawling into small spaces, as you are all aware of by now, and I also like to listen and dance to music, look out the window at the construction going on outside, and of course, I have tons of toys to play with too.

In case you were worried, Mom's always right there with me wherever I go in the house. I'm actually pretty extroverted so I just play where the people are.

When we do go out, it's usually to boring places like the grocery store, but there are times when Mom takes me somewhere fun. Like yesterday, for example, we went to a place called Cafe Sip 'n Play with my friends, Marisa and Bodhi. They have a really great play area for kids like me to roam around in and then there are tables just outside the play area for moms to sit at and watch their kids while they have a cup of coffee. Pretty great idea, huh? Here's a photo of Bodhi and I checking out this really huge stuffed lion. I wasn't so sure of the thing, but Bodhi was totally into it.

I've also said some new words since I blogged last. I now say no for no and nose, eye (but I still point to my ear for some reason), choo-choo for train, ni-ni when it's time for bed, mo for more, and I call grandpa 'pa pa' and grandma 'na na.' I've been pretty dang cute lately too... always wanting to give hugs and kisses to my friends and family. I went through a phase last month where I would screech if things didn't go my way, but because I'm older and much more mature now (I AM 16 months old now), I don't do that anymore. I'm getting a lot better at listening and following directions now too. I still like to get into the cupboards I'm not supposed to get into, but I'm learning. It's not like I'm two yet!
Well, tomorrow a bunch of us are going to the pumpkin patch here in Portland and I can't wait! I also get to see my great grandpa and grammy Moore next week as well. Should be fun times!

Take care and keep in touch,

Monday, October 01, 2007

Just a couple of laid back city folks...

We've done some traveling within the Portland area these past few weeks so I thought I'd share what all we've been up to. First of all, we attended a birthday party for my new friend, Mahayla. That's me and her in the picture below. Dad goes to school with her dad, Darryl, and they live out in Tigard. It was a fun party with lots of good food. I even got a couple of balloons to take home. Score!

One night last week, Mom and Dad decided we needed to get out of Gresham so we hopped in our car and drove to downtown Portland. I had never visited the waterfront fountain so that's what we went to see. It was pretty chilly so I didn't get to run around in it, but I'm thinking next summer we'll definitely have to go again.

Tonight Mom and I met up with my Aunt Mary who lives in Camas (FYI: lots of cool people I know are from Camas). Aunt Mary will often times come out to our neck of the woods, so as often as we can, we try to meet her over where she lives too. Well, tonight they took me to what is currently my favorite restaurant, Burgerville. I like the Camas Burgerville because 1) I can run around in the kids area, 2) I get to sit on a motorcycle and last, but certainly not least, 3) I get to take home a balloon. Can you tell that I'm REALLY into balloons right now?

And I've also been having fun exploring our new home, in and out. I have found a few more hiding places, but I believe my favorite is the dryer. Here I am!