Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun at the River

My friends, Kate, Bodhi and I went to Dabney Park yesterday to play in the river. I loved playing in the sand and exploring the little island we were on.

I wanted to show Mom all the sand on my hands!

What a little studmuffin I am!

Thank you, Moms, for a fun day at the river!


Susanne said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer! ♥

tara said...

he is starting to look so much like dave. wow, i can't believe how big he is. any sign of another one in the near future? you guys look like you're having so much fun. wish i was there!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

That is all too cute. As always, it looks like you do so many fun things. I love the little surfer man pictures.