Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Totally Random

I've got some random photos for you that have been sitting in my take-along camera. I figured it's been awhile since you've heard from me and you must be dying to see what I've been up to.

So, here ya go:

Our family attended the Salsig Movie Night. We all get together once a year and watch a movie in their backyard. Usually it's held in the summer, but it was a fall movie night this year so we watched Ghost Busters II. I had a lot of fun playing with Kate and Bodhi and all of his toys.

The Kiperman Family

The Salsig Family

Here's a photo of me and Kate at the indoor playground at Clackamas Mall.

Here's another of me and my friend, Malachi. Malachi's mom, Marci, and Mom met while working at Old Navy way back when Mom was a freshman in college. Malachi lives with his parents in Kalispell, MT but comes out this way to visit family and friends from time to time. Isn't he a cutie?!

Here's a photo of me hanging out with my buddy, Blaze. I think Blaze is a cutie too and I love to visit him at John and Rebecca's house. :)

I also got to see my friend, Meadow, awhile back. We all met up for lunch at Red Robin. Meadow is really into balloons right now. Remember when I went through that phase? My parents sure do... whenever I would get a balloon I would hold onto that thing until it died. Anyway, it was fun seeing how big Meadow is getting!

Mom, Nana, Charla, and Aunt Mary and I went to the Camas bazaar at the old H.S. (now Liberty Jr. High) and had fun checking out the newly remodeled school. Check out their mascot the kids made themselves. Pretty impressive stuff.

And here's a silly photo of me dressed up in Dad's shoes and hat. I love putting on big shoes!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun

I had a lot of fun this year celebrating the Halloween holiday. I wore my tigger costume several times and loved it!

I loved my pumpkin and wanted to carry it around with me all the time. Too bad my pumpkin isn't turned so you can see the great carving job and it'd be nice if I were smiling in the photo too. Oh well. I'm still cute.

I didn't actually go trick-or-treating on Halloween, but I did go trick-or-treating at my dad's office and also went to the harvest festival at Nana's church. It was kind of rainy on halloween so it's a good thing we celebrated a bit early.

Here I am at Dadddy's office.

Mindy and her two kids, Ashley and Addy, met us at Nana's church festival. Here's a photo of all of us at the festival. In case you're wondering, Nana had just eaten a blue raspberry snow cone before this photo was taken.

I love my friend, Ashley, and am going to miss her now that she's gone back home to Kansas City.

Mom and Dad got dressed up for a halloween party of their own last night and I got to stay home with Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill is the best! Dad didn't want to wear too elaborate a costume so Mom finally convinced him to go as JFK and she dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Mom finally got her chance to be blonde and big-chested. heehee!