Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend outings

We had a busy weekend for sure, so here's a little update on what all we've been up to. On Saturday we went and hung out with Marisa, Brian and Bodhi over in east Vancouver and took some family photos while we were at it. I didn't really feel like smiling, but I think they turned out alright anyway.

On Sunday we met Marisa, Brian, Erika, and Bodhi at the Oregon Zoo and had a great time seeing all the animals. I still think the elephants are my favorite, but the sea lions and giraffe were pretty cool also.

We also went over to John, Rebecca, and Blaze's new home that evening. They just moved to Tigard, OR and their house is amazing! We thought we'd snap a photo of the fam while we were there. That's my friend, Blaze, in the photo with us. We think he's just the best! Yes, that is a balloon in the photo too. I am really into balloons, alright!! The next photo is of John, Rebecca, and Blaze. Oh, and Rebecca recently took a cake decorating class and made this beautiful cake for us. It even had my name on it!

Can't wait for halloween! I am going to be a cow this year. Moo moo!

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