Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Visit from Great Grandpa and Grammy Moore

My great grandpa and grammy Moore came into town this week and so I got to see them tonight. You might think it awfully late for me to be up on the computer, but this blogging thing is so easy I can practically do it in my sleep! As I was saying before, my cousin twice removed, (anyone know if that is the correct relation?) Patty, was gracious enough to bring them over to our place for dinner. Mom and Dad woke me up from my nap so I could join everyone for the meal and I was pretty cranky about that, but later on in the evening I was given a fun new toy that our company brought just for me! Yippee! Above is a photo of me playing with my great grandpa Moore. I love my new toy! Thanks for my toy and thanks for coming to visit!

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