Monday, October 01, 2007

Just a couple of laid back city folks...

We've done some traveling within the Portland area these past few weeks so I thought I'd share what all we've been up to. First of all, we attended a birthday party for my new friend, Mahayla. That's me and her in the picture below. Dad goes to school with her dad, Darryl, and they live out in Tigard. It was a fun party with lots of good food. I even got a couple of balloons to take home. Score!

One night last week, Mom and Dad decided we needed to get out of Gresham so we hopped in our car and drove to downtown Portland. I had never visited the waterfront fountain so that's what we went to see. It was pretty chilly so I didn't get to run around in it, but I'm thinking next summer we'll definitely have to go again.

Tonight Mom and I met up with my Aunt Mary who lives in Camas (FYI: lots of cool people I know are from Camas). Aunt Mary will often times come out to our neck of the woods, so as often as we can, we try to meet her over where she lives too. Well, tonight they took me to what is currently my favorite restaurant, Burgerville. I like the Camas Burgerville because 1) I can run around in the kids area, 2) I get to sit on a motorcycle and last, but certainly not least, 3) I get to take home a balloon. Can you tell that I'm REALLY into balloons right now?

And I've also been having fun exploring our new home, in and out. I have found a few more hiding places, but I believe my favorite is the dryer. Here I am!



Mindy and Benjamin said...

What cute pictures Jonah! You're getting big so fast. That one of you and daddy at the waterfront is pretty cool.

Susanne said...

Heidi, your blog is such a crack up. I love it! Jonah is seriously sooo adorable!
♥ ♥ ♥

Karin Hopkins said...

So cute! I love the dryer! Its funny how kids find the funniest places to be.