Friday, October 05, 2007

My way of play

Hello again. I bet some of you may have wondered a time or two, 'What does Jonah do all day when he and his mom are at home?' Well, I'll tell you. When I am awake and not eating a meal, I find all sorts of things to get into at home. I like crawling into small spaces, as you are all aware of by now, and I also like to listen and dance to music, look out the window at the construction going on outside, and of course, I have tons of toys to play with too.

In case you were worried, Mom's always right there with me wherever I go in the house. I'm actually pretty extroverted so I just play where the people are.

When we do go out, it's usually to boring places like the grocery store, but there are times when Mom takes me somewhere fun. Like yesterday, for example, we went to a place called Cafe Sip 'n Play with my friends, Marisa and Bodhi. They have a really great play area for kids like me to roam around in and then there are tables just outside the play area for moms to sit at and watch their kids while they have a cup of coffee. Pretty great idea, huh? Here's a photo of Bodhi and I checking out this really huge stuffed lion. I wasn't so sure of the thing, but Bodhi was totally into it.

I've also said some new words since I blogged last. I now say no for no and nose, eye (but I still point to my ear for some reason), choo-choo for train, ni-ni when it's time for bed, mo for more, and I call grandpa 'pa pa' and grandma 'na na.' I've been pretty dang cute lately too... always wanting to give hugs and kisses to my friends and family. I went through a phase last month where I would screech if things didn't go my way, but because I'm older and much more mature now (I AM 16 months old now), I don't do that anymore. I'm getting a lot better at listening and following directions now too. I still like to get into the cupboards I'm not supposed to get into, but I'm learning. It's not like I'm two yet!
Well, tomorrow a bunch of us are going to the pumpkin patch here in Portland and I can't wait! I also get to see my great grandpa and grammy Moore next week as well. Should be fun times!

Take care and keep in touch,

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Susanne said...

That Cafe Sip 'N Play sounds awesome! They need to open one down here. Cute pictures! :-)