Friday, June 26, 2009

Outdoor Adventures in the NW

My Oma, or Grandma Dyk, came to visit this past week and because the NW is just beautiful this time of year, we did a few fun activities outdoors. On Father's Day we drove down to Silver Falls and spent the morning and early afternoon there enjoying the awesome park and scenery. The drive (we took different routes to and from) was amazing and overall we had a great time.

I had fun playing behind the waterfall. It was like a little cave back there!

Here we all are behind the falls.

And here's one of just the falls. There are a total of 10 waterfalls in the park. We just saw the main one at the south falls.

Mom made stuffed peppers and strawberry shortcake (Dad's favorites) for dinner and we relaxed and watched a movie together before heading to bed. Love you, Dad! You are the best!

Then on Tuesday we went out to Timothy Lake. Timothy Lake is very close to Mt. Hood and is just a wonderful sight to see (if you ever come out this way). I had a blast playing in the water and checking out the park/campground. We hope to go back again someday and camp overnight.

I am glad we had some sand toys for me to play with, but I sure wish I had brought my river shoes with me so I could get in and have some real fun.

Look at this huge log! It took awhile for me to climb up onto it. Of course, I would not let Mom or Grandma help me at all.

We found a picnic table right next to the lake where we had the best view while eating our lunch.

Thanks for coming to visit Oma Dyk! We love you and can't wait to see you again!

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Karin Hopkins said...

What fun adventures!! Heidi, you look so cute pregnant!! I hope you're feeling well! Hope you're having a fun summer.