Monday, June 01, 2009

My Thomas Birthday

On Saturday of this past weekend we celebrated my 3rd birthday. I have been making it known for months now that I wanted a Thomas birthday so that is what we did. It was a lot of fun, mostly because I had so many of my friends there. We met at our local park and played on the playground before having lunch and then did some fun activities before finally cutting the cake. My cake was amazing! Mom's friend, Melissa, really out did herself this year with my cake. I loved it! Here are some photos from my fun day.

Mom kept these railroad crossing signs she made for my first birthday party, thinking maybe I'd have another train party someday. We may even use them again!

Here are some photos of my friends and me with the Thomas poster my mom made. We all had fun putting our faces behind it!

We also played "Pin the Bee on James' Nose" with another poster Mom made. We all had fun taking a turn!

There was also a cookie decorating station (with train shaped cookies, of course).

I received many fun new gifts, but this one was the hit of the party. A remote controlled train!

Then it was time for cake!

I had a great time at my party and am so thankful for my many friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helped make my day so special!


Susanne said...

What a fun party! LOVE the cake!

Mindy and Benjamin said...

so cute. i love your posters heid! happy birthday jonah!

Karin Hopkins said...

Very cute party!! I can't believe Jonah is three already!! Time really does fly...
Love the cake! And your poster is very cute as well.

tara said...

that cake was awesome! well done on the posters as well. i'm already trying to make sure that luke's party isn't a failure this year. happy birthday jonah

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

SO cute! You did a great job on the posters! Looks like everyone had a blast. Your friends cake rocked too.