Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beatiful Days in the NW

We had some really beautiful weather here in the Pacific NW this past weekend and we took advantage of it by being outside as much as possible. On Friday Mom took me to visit my Aunt Mary and her Kindergarten class. They were having a Mother's Day party so we dropped by to see the kids and have cookies and juice with them. It was a lot fun being at school with the kids and makes me even more excited to start preschool in the fall. Later on that day, Mom, Dad and Aunt Mary and I went to the restaurant, Beaches, and had dinner outside and then took a walk on the waterfront. Actually, we brought my tricycle and so I got to ride that while they walked. I LOVE riding my tricycle and ask to go outside at least once a day to ride it. I also got to have a picnic lunch with Nana and Mom on Saturday and then for dinner I took a wagon ride from Nana and Papa's to a fun restaurant called Old Fashioned Maid where they have super yummy burgers and shakes. I ordered a rootbeer shake... my favorite! On Sunday I rode my tricycle a lot with Dad while Mom did some cleaning in all our closets (yes, that is what she wanted to do on Mother's Day). We also took Mom to breakfast so she could get her favorite breakfast meal, french toast. It's been kind of dreary and rainy today so I am glad we spent a lot of time outside while the sun was out. Hope you all are enjoying Spring! Oh, I almost forgot to mention my sister's new blog. You can check it out at or you can click on the link on the left side of my blog. Esther has even figured out how to post a few photos on her blog. :)

Here I am with Aunt Mary at her school.

Here I am with Aunt Mary on the Vancouver waterfront.

Dad and Me.

Mom and I at Beaches (I wasn't into having my picture taken at the moment)

Hanging out with Papa at Old Fashioned Maid, where they give suckers as a treat in your kids meal. :)


Bodhi's Page said...

Whahoo! Jonah's doing great on his tricycle. That picture of Jonah and Mary is can see the shadow of you on the side trying to encourage him to look at the camera. :) So cute! Glad you guys are having fun in the sun, hopefully we'll get to see you soon.

Karin Hopkins said...

I can't believe Jonah and Sarah are turning 3 soon!! Its crazy how fast time flies. He is so adorable. Glad you guys had some nice weather and were able to enjoy it!

Susanne said...

Cute pics! Kate & Gavin love to ride their bikes, too. Gavin is sitting next to me while I'm looking at the blogs today and he pointed to the pictures of Jonah on his bike and said "hey, cool bike! Maybe I can ride that bike someday." Cracks me up!

Mary said...

It was a fun couple of days!!! Thanks for coming to visit Jonah!