Monday, March 30, 2009

Yakima... The Palm Springs of Washington

I've seen a sign in Yakima that claims Yakima is the palm springs of Washington, but I am not sure what Palm Springs is like so I haven't decided what to think of that claim. This past weekend my fam and I went to Yakima to celebrate my great grandpa Northcott and Aunt Carrie's birthday. The first thing I did while there was check out this really awesome place called "Track 29." It's a mall with a wooden boardwalk facing the train station so theoretically you can watch trains go by (none came while we were there) as you walk and shop. The stores are unique in that they are made from old train cars. There is a restaurant where you get to sit and eat in a passenger car, but we had plans to go to the best Mexican restaurant EVER so we didn't visit the restaurant this time.

Here we are in front of the caboose which was made into a jewelry store. It was pretty windy so that is why I'm holding my hat.

I loved playing on the caboose!

Here you can see the backside of one of the stores. I thought it was pretty neat they were all made out of train cars. What a great idea!

The train station.

We also found an indoor mall with a fish tank I had fun looking at.

Then we headed to lunch at El Porton where the best Mexican food in town can be found. After that, we went to Grandpa and Grandma's new place. I was able to play with Jill, their dog, and had fun showing Mike, Carrie, and the grandparents all my favorite trains and some new cars I happened to bring along.

Uncle Mike and I just hanging out.

Taking a rest and enjoying a juice box with Aunt Carrie.

Being silly with Grandma.

With Grandpa and Grandma. The car I'm holding spins when you blow on the end of it, so that is what I'm doing in the photo.

I got pretty sleepy towards the end of the trip and fell asleep not long into the ride home.

On the way home Mom got a couple shots of the new windmills out near Goldendale and Biggs in the Kittitas Valley. They are really big up close!

Overall, it was a really fun trip and I'm glad we were able to be together to celebrate Aunt Carrie and Grandpa Northcott's birthday. Hope we get to go back again soon!

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Karin Hopkins said...

Love the hat! I just had to make that comment...the hat was just too cute to pass up. And the little boy wearing the hat of course.