Friday, March 20, 2009

East Portland Community Center Pool

Our local community center recently opened a pool and I have gone swimming there a few times in recent weeks. It is awesome! The temperature is just right and there are plenty of places for me to check out while there. There is a large shallow area, a river area with a current and a whirlpool, a shark slide just my size and a big red slide. Today was the first time the big red slide has been open while we were there and I loved it! My only complaint was that I wasn't allowed to go all by myself. The lifeguard kindly explained to me I could go when I was a bit bigger, but it was a let down nonetheless.

Here are a few photos Mom took of me and my friends who were able to join us.

Sara and Kate laughing at my cheesy smile.

Sara and Kate being cute.

Bodhi and Marisa - This was Bodhi's first time swimming and he loved it!

Bodhi being silly. :)

The shark slide - I can go on this one all by myself!

The big red slide - what fun!

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Karin Hopkins said...

Love indoor pools/waterparks. I wish they had them around here! It gets too hot. Looks like so much fun though!