Monday, April 20, 2009

Texas Trip

This past week my mom and I visited friends and family in Texas. We flew in to Dallas and stayed a few days with my Grandma and Grandpa Dyk (Dad's parents) and then met up with some friends in Houston a few days later. We encountered some unexpected bumps along the way, but had a great time nonetheless! Mom had a cold going into the trip and I caught a stomach bug while in Dallas (I think Mom and Grandma ended up washing every towel and piece of bedding in the house), but after all that passed, we were good to go. Getting home wasn't easy, however, as Mom and I spent a total of 13 hours in the Houston airport waiting to get on a flight home. We managed to make it though and are glad we went. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Dyk and the Swanson family for having us!

Having fun at the park with Grandma Dyk.

Grandma Dyk took us to the Dallas Arboretum and I had fun pulling and riding in the wagon we rented. Do you like the new conductor hat Grandma Dyk got for me? I sure did!

They had all sorts of storybook playhouses at the arboretum at the time, but my favorite was this one, based on The Lorax.

Even though Mom is not super excited about this photo, you can see she is starting to get a belly. Woo-hoo.

We met Mindy half-way between Houston and Dallas in a town called Buffalo, TX. There was a cute little bookstore/coffee shop there and we had a lot of fun looking around. Mom even got me two used books!

I miss you already, Grandma and Grandpa!

Mindy took us all to a park Hailey and Hunter like to go to. There was a lake and fountains and a really great play structure for us to play on while we ate our lunches. Here's a photo of Hailey and I taking a break from playing.

We also visited a park with water fountains and us kids had a blast getting all wet.

Hunter loved playing in the water, as you can see.

I did too.

Another day we went to a place called "Pump it Up" with blow-up play structures you can jump on. I loved the big slide. Here's a photo of Hunter and I getting ready to go down.

Hailey and Hunter's dad, Benjamin, offered to watch us kids while Mom, Mindy and a friend, Carrie, went to dinner and a movie. They had fun, but so did we. We had a pancake picnic out in the backyard and watched a Veggie Tales movie.

Here's a photo of Benjamin playing play-doh with us kids.

Mom told Mindy that if we came, she would have to make chinese food for us so she did. Here's a photo of the won tons Mom and Mindy folded up for dinner our last night in Houston.

Grandpa Ted (Mindy's dad) came for dinner that night. He changed his vacation plans and came a week earlier just to see Mom and me. What a nice guy, eh?

We decorated cookies that night too. Yum!

Thanks for a fun time, Mindy, Benjamin, Hailey and Hunter! Come visit us anytime!


Susanne said...

Look at that little baby bump! Adorable!

Karin Hopkins said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Sorry we missed you! Hopefully we'll see you next time we are up. Cute baby belly!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Super jealous you all got to hang out. PS baby bump is so cute and look great!

Mindy and Benjamin said...

Loved the pictures Heidi! Except for the illness and the dumb airport it was good times! We miss having Jonah around to play with. Love the picture outside the movie theater...good thing we stopped you from asking that first couple for assistance. And yes, that baby bump is pretty cute!