Monday, March 03, 2008

What a beautiful week we had

Well, last week was pretty great with the beautiful weather we had, but this week has not started off as well. It rained this morning, but Mom and I still walked to downtown so we could attend story time at the local library.

A couple weeks back Mom decided to paint a few rooms because Dad was out of town (and we all know how much Dad loves all that's involved with painting). She painted Dad's office a color called 'silver sage' and repainted my bathroom a nice blue color. It is true that it was blue already, but she didn't like it much so she found a blue she did like and seems much happier. Dad and I couldn't tell the difference, but maybe it's a guy thing.

Because Mom was so busy with painting that week, last week she decided to take me out to do as much fun stuff as possible. We went to play at Kate's house one day, to indoor play park another day, the library, and to the park several times. It was a blast! I even got to go to Wall Street Pizza for the first time and play on their sweet arcade games!

Hopefully this week will shape up to be nice too because I really enjoy being outside. Hope you all are enjoying life as much as I am!


Mindy and Benjamin said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Way to go with all the painting Heiders, you're my hero, cause I think painting is so hard. We really miss you guys!

Susanne said...

That does sound like a fun week! And as far as painting goes... I got burnt out on it after painting all 2100 sq. ft. of our house in Battle Ground. Good thing we're renting now and can't paint (although I always love the finished product after painting a room... It's just so much more cozy!).

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

so how much fun does that week sound like? I wish we were all close and could do that stuff together. AND of course I wish it was up there...ahh the northwest. ps isn't it a shame men can't tell the differences between obviously different shades of blue :)