Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oma visits and we celebrate Easter

I'd been looking forward to a visit from my Oma Dyk and so I was really happy to see her when she arrived last week. Oma is a doctoral student at Dallas Theological Seminary and though we miss her and can't wait for her to move back to the NW, we are so proud of her and welcome her to visit us anytime.

While Oma was here, we did lots of fun stuff. We dyed Easter eggs with Nana one morning, went on walks around the neighborhood to the park and to get bagels for breakfast (yum!), rode the MAX train a couple times, and watched a couple cheesy movies (High School Musical and Enchanted). I think Oma was also quite impressed with all the the words and signs I'd learned since her last visit. I am talking all the time now and probably know close to 40 or so signs and like to show off by signing whenever the mood strikes me (often when it doesn't fit with whatever we are doing). In case you are wondering, I have a few 'Signing Time' dvds that are my favorite thing to watch. I'd recommend them to any kid (adults have been known to like them too).

We also all went to Yakima for Easter to see my great grandma and grandpa Northcott. We had planned to have dinner at the Northcotts house but because their power went out, we ended up eating at the Olive Garden. I didn't mind though because afterward we went back to their house and I got a chance to play with my aunt Carrie as well as my good friend, Jill, the dog. Great Grandma Northcott also gave me an Easter egg with goodies in it, so that was another highlight of my day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


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Karin Hopkins said...

Fun Easter! I love spending the holidays with fam. I can't believe he can sign so much! Thats amazing!