Monday, July 13, 2009

Mt. Hood Activities

Last week Mom and I met up with Meadow and her mom, Jocelyn, to visit the Wildwood Recreation Area. We went on a little hike and then had a picnic lunch near the playground. Meadow is very lucky to live in the Mt. Hood area. It is beautiful!

Then yesterday my aunt Carrie visited and we drove up to Mt. Hood's Timberline Lodge. It was fun checking out the lodge, but I had the most fun playing in the snow. Now I can't wait for winter to come again!
It was pretty foggy up there, but Mom found this photo of the lodge online so you could see what it might look like on a clear day with the mountain behind.

The fireplace at Timberline is the largest in the Pacific Northwest. Above is a photo of Dad and Aunt Carrie with the fireplace taken on the first floor. Mom found this photo online since we forgot to take a photo of just the fireplace.

Mom and Dad on the second floor with the fireplace behind them. It was quite impressive!

I really liked the snow! Slippery, but fun!

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