Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day flew by in a whirl for our family. We had Mom's family over to our place to celebrate the holiday and had breakfast together first, then opened some presents, and finally had our Christmas lunch/dinner. It was snowing pretty hard all morning so because the fam didn't want to have any trouble driving home, we kind of hurried things along sooner than we might've otherwise done. It was a good time though and we enjoyed having a white Christmas.

Papa helping me open a new train.

I received many new Thomas trains for Christmas, my favorite being 'Rosie.' I have been asking for 'Rosie' for a couple weeks now and my parents kept telling me, 'Maybe you'll get Rosie for Christmas. You'll just have to wait and see.' This was tough! I love trains so it may seem sacriligious to many reading this, but I have now uttered the phrase, 'I've got too many trains.' My parents just about died when they heard me.

Mom wanted to get a photo of everyone at the dinner table, but right as we were sitting down, someone spilled a cup of coffee and after we got it cleaned up, she must've forgotten so here's just one of the table. Mom inherited my Great Grandma Anderson's dishes and got this great little runner at a bazaar this year to go with them. Our friend, Jenny, made the centerpiece arrangement. Isn't it all so pretty together?

Here is a photo of the front of our home (yes, we are still snowed in) as of today. We ended up getting about a foot of snow at our house over the course of the week. Because of the wind, however, there were parts of our driveway that were almost up to 2 feet. It's raining now and is supposed to get warmer this weekend so we are hoping it'll be safe for us to drive sometime this weekend. In the meantime, we have the MAX train and have been walking to the grocery store. Gresham was hit the hardest by the snow storm and the governor actually declared a state of emergency here, calling in the Oregon National Guard, because emergency vehicles were not able to get out to people in need due to the weather. We are lucky Papa and Nana's truck has four-wheel drive (they also brought chains just in case) so they could safely drive out to visit us.

Uncle Bob shoveled a walkway in our driveway yesterday. What a nice guy! :)


Mindy and Benjamin said...

Wow! Everything looks so pretty. It must be so fun to have all those trains to play with.

Susanne said...

Great family picture! Gavin got lots of trains, too (he's a huge fan of Thomas).

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

So jealous of all of the snow, even though I should be grateful we are not snowed in. The table looked beautiful!

Karin Hopkins said...

Merry Christmas! How fun having a white Christmas! You guys are such a cute family! It looks like you had such a fun time!

tara said...

cute family pic to you too my friend. the snow has been crazy! we still have over 5 feet here in the "frozen north" of spokane. have fun actually getting to drive around!