Friday, June 20, 2008

Oxbow Park

Today I visited Oxbow Park with Mom, Kate and Sara. We packed up a lunch, sunscreen and our camera (the necessities in life) and headed out for a fun day. I had never been to this park, but Kate goes with her family quite a bit. The river was pretty high today, but hopefully next time we'll be able to play on the beach. I think we'll come a lot more this summer and will maybe even brave a night there to go tent camping. As long as Kate's there, I'm sure I'll have a great time. :)

I like to hand Mom all the 'icky' stuff I find. By the way, do you like my new hair cut? Mom decided to cut it with the clipper rather than taking me to the barber shop. If you remember, I didn't like that experience too much. But, I did great for Mom this time.

I had the most fun just running around the park with Kate. This place is a lot bigger than my backyard!

I got to dig in the sand too!

Kate and I had fun sniffing the foxgloves we found on one of the trails there. Aren't they pretty?

We saw a mama deer with her baby at the park too. I also saw a couple chipmunks but Mom accidently scared them away before she could get a photo. Next time.


Susanne said...

Love the new haircut! Gavin doesn't like going to the barber, either. Actually, he doesn't even like me doing it. I have to bribe him with candy and a promise that he'd get to play in the bath afterward. :-) Cute pictures!!!

tara said...

you are so lucky to have all those friends with kids the same age. i am totally jealous. i think i would get out a lot more if that were the case. poor luke has to settle for church playgroup once a week...that is if he's awake for it. anyway, cute pics and congrats to dave on graduating! yay for being done with school!