Monday, June 09, 2008

It's great to be 2!

I am officially two years old now and I can honestly say I feel much older and wiser than I did at one. Because I'm a kid and it's generally more acceptable for little kids to brag, I want to tell you about some things I've learned in my two years here on earth. I've learned my colors (though red is a little hit and miss), my shapes, and I can count to ten and say most of the alphabet. I've also learned that it's much more fun to play with friends when I share my toys and say 'please' and 'thank you.' Yep, I've pretty much learned all there is to know.

On my birthday last week we had over Uncle Bill, Nana and Papa for a barbeque dinner. We had steaks/hamburgers/hot dogs, mom's homemade mac 'n cheese, corn on the cob, chips, and cake (all my favorites!). My family sang 'Happy Birthday' to me and after they got done I ran over to my cake saying, 'cake! cake!' because isn't that the cue for cake? Mom suggested we wait a little while so I got to open a few presents from the fam first, which I didn't mind. I got a lot of great Thomas stuff and I am loving it all!

Look at all my Thomas loot! Thanks Nana and Papa!

I got Cranky the crane, a new addition to my train table!

I wanted to help Dad blow up my Thomas hopper ball!

I love to give kisses to say 'thank you!'

Dad's family is coming to town this weekend to see Dad graduate with his Masters of Public Administration so we are having another little get-together while they are here. I can't wait to celebrate some more! I keep singing the 'Happy Birthday' song to myself so I think I'll be ready to chime in this time!


tara said...

happy birthday jonah!! wow, i can't believe he's two already. the party looked like so much fun. that must be so nice to have all your family around like that. congrats to dave as well on the graduation. yay!!! is he totally done or is he going to be a masacist and dive in for more? good luck with everything and well done on all of jonah's

Mindy and Benjamin said...

Hey, Tara stole what I was going to say...but again, Happy Birthday Jonah. You're looking like such a big boy-looks like your family made it quite a special day!

Susanne said...

Happy birthday, Jonah! ♥ Gavin loves trains, too. :-) Cute pictures!

Karin Hopkins said...

Happy Birthday (a little late)! I hope you had a fun day!
Love - Sarah

Jennifer said...

Happy (late) Birthday Jonah!! We are glad you had such a great birthday!!

Jon & Jen Newsham