Sunday, May 25, 2008

A New Backyard

Most of you know I live in a townhome, which means my parents and I like the idea of a low-maintenance home. Well, when we purchased our home we thought it was great that it came with a very small backyard. What we didn't realize is that grass doesn't grow well back there and because the yard doesn't get any sun, it was almost always muddy. So, my parents decided to have turf put in. Yep, fake grass. It's great because it looks like grass and feels soft like grass, but it's never going to need water or fertilizer and we were even able to get rid of the lawn mower. We love it!
Mom was able to find some really great deals on fun toys for the backyard. Gotta love craigslist!

Dad thought these next few pictures were pretty funny because a) I'm using a plastic mower to mow plastic grass b) I just happened to get my shirt all wet while playing with my water table right before this picture was taken. Thus, the shots of me mowing the lawn with no shirt.

I thought there must be something wrong with my mower. Kates' blows bubbles, so why doesn't mine?

I really liked my uncle Bill's sunglasses!


Susanne said...

Those pictures are so cute! ♥ And I have a couple of friends with fake grass and they love theirs, too. :-)

Mindy and Benjamin said...

We love the new picts. What a studly boy. That fake grass looks pretty cool. I want some. Our grass is so uncomfortable. Thanks for the update and the cute new photos.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

SO feel pretty lame, I didn't know you guys moved into a house. The fake grass looks awesome, and I didn't even think about Craig's list for toys...totally doing it now. Cute boy on all his toys!

tara said...

i meant to ask you how work is going...are you enjoying it? i hope so. its good to hear all about you.

Karin Hopkins said...

Finally we have internet again! I love the fake grass! What happens to it when it rains? Obviously it doesn't get fun for Jonah to have his own little park outside now!