Sunday, May 25, 2008

Do you think I like being outdoors?


I have had some fun recently enjoying what sunshine we've had these past few weeks (it hasn't been much). Here are a few photos of our going-ons.

I attended the Gateway 'Fun-o-rama' parade which goes right by Kate's neighborhood. It was my first parade and I love that they throw out candy to the parade watchers!

I loved the train car the best!

Isn't this a weird car?!

I also went to the zoo with Kate and Bodhi and had a ton of fun watching the animals. My favorite to watch were the sea lions. I realize you can't see any in this next photo, but you can see my new favorite facial expression.

I also went to Laurelhurst park again with Kate because I just can't get enough of those silly ducks!

Here's me saying, 'Wow!' because of all the ducks right in front of us! Oh, and you may notice I have a 'boo-boo' as Kate says, or 'Ouchy' as I say, on my nose. I took a face plant on the pavement while playing outside at Kate's house one day. It didn't stop me from wanting to continue playing outside!

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