Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've got someone I'd like you to meet

No, I'm not trying to play matchmaker, something my mom thinks she's good at it, but rarely ever (okay, never) succeeds at. I just wanted you to meet my new friend, Addison Jane Fairbanks. Her sister, Ashley, and I go way back. So, naturally I wanted to meet the new sister. I wasn't too sure at first when I met 'Addy,' being as she is a baby and I don't see too many newborns, but as you can see in second photo below, I warmed up to her pretty quickly. I got to hold her for a minute and afterward I wanted to hold her again! I even gave her a little kiss just before we left because I thought she was so darn cute!

I also stopped by Nana and Papa's today. Nana and Papa keep everything, so Nana brought up from the basement an old rocking horse they painted for Mom when she was a toddler. It's just my size so I had fun riding it while I was there.

Well, hope all is well with each of you!



Susanne said...

Isn't it so cute to see toddlers with little babies? Gavin LOVES babies... he would smother them with kisses if I let him. SO funny!

Karin Hopkins said...

I love the pics! I love seeing little kids holding babies!

tara said...

cute pics, heiders. hey, did you see that luke finally had a birthday according to my blog? i did it just for you thanks to your email cell phone pictures skills. thanks dude. miss ya tons