Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

I just got back last night from visting family on Mom's side in Nampa, ID. We had a great time and I know I can't wait to go back again to see everyone! I really enjoyed getting to know my cousins and even got my picture taken with them, as you can see above.

My cousins, Andrea (3 1/2), Trasie (5 1/2) and Seya (19), live in Nampa with Mom's cousin, Travis and his wife, Senia. My other cousin, Dominique (6 1/2 mos.), lives in Morelia, Michoacan, in Mexico. Mom's cousin, Cameron, and his wife, Saray, brought Dominique up for his first visit to the states. I also got to see Mom's cousin, David, who lives in Boise and of course, Mom's aunt Jean and uncle Glen, whom we stayed with while there.

I also had a lot of fun getting to know Jean and Glen's dogs, Barli and Shatsi (sp?). Whenever I would wake up in the morning or after a nap, the first thing I would say was, "woof, woof," and so Mom or Dad would take me down to say hello to the dogs.

As you know, I'm a pretty big fan of trains or 'choo-choo's' as I call them, and my cousins got me all sorts of fun Thomas toys, which I am loving to play with already. I also have been interested in airplanes and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the planes at the airport and looking out the window as we took off and landed. What a trip!

Hope you all had a good time bringing in the New Year!



Karin Hopkins said...

I hope you guys had a good time. It looked like a lot of fun!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

HEIDI, I have looked at your blog before through Tara's or Mindy's. Jonah is so cute. It is crazy how big he is. I am glad that you made a comment, I am definitely adding you to our blogging friends!