Sunday, July 09, 2006

My life at 1 month

My parents wanted me to send out an eCard, but I told them that newsletters were so 2005. Then they suggested myspace, but I was like... "what do you think I am, 14?". I showed them what all the cool kids are doing these days... and setup a blog (they needed a little help). Here's a short update on my life so far. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

I entered the outside world 5 weeks ago and in that time I've been livin' it up. My mom and dad do all the work while I mostly just eat and sleep. I have two kitties that are also in my family (that's Allie with me up above). We play together and occasionally the all black one, named Ethel, will take a swipe at me when I'm sleeping. Someday when I'm big enough I plan to get her back!

I have met tons of people in recent weeks. Last week I met my grandparents who now live in Texas, and my great grandparents from California as well as my other great grandparents who live in Yakima. Mom and Dad took me on a road trip to Yakima so I could meet them and see where Dad spent most of his childhood. After seeing Yakima, I can tell you that I'm sure glad I'm living in Portland! I also met my Aunt Carrie who lives in Seattle and Mom's extended family from Boise. So many names and faces to remember...

I recently began smiling and you would think that I've done something earth shattering, like found a cure for AIDS, by the reactions I've gotten. My only complaint so far is this thing called "bath-time." A couple times a week Mom gets me completely undressed, puts me in the kithcen sink, and takes a wet rag to me. Let's just say I've had finer moments. Other than that, like I said, I can't complain much. My mom and dad and everyone else I've met have been really great. I get lots of kisses and holding and nobody expects too much of me in return. Mom and Dad are just happy with me eating and sleeping all day. :)


Summer said...

Wow, Jonah, you really have been a busy guy! And I can see that all that eating and sleeping have really paid off, you look like you´ve grown so much! It´s nice, when you are a baby, people applaud you for eating, sleeping, and putting on weight. How I miss those days! I am sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstance of having to bathe against your will, but think about how much fresher you are because of it. Makes for a much better impression when you see Kate, you know? And good job on beginning to smile, I bet you charm everyone with it!

Well, please tell your parents hello for me, and that I miss them and wish I could be there to visit them and you! I am currently in Spain, and man is it hot here! Okay, Jonah, all my best and I am looking forward to the next installment!

Kate said...
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AndrewJ said...

Gezz kid, sounds like you have a pretty sweet gig over there. You really are lucky to be in Portland because this smile thing you are doing just would not fly here on the East Coast. People that habitually smile here are regarded as somewhat less than alien.

Glad to hear things are going so well for you. In fact your blog has inspired me to look into the possibility of being adopted by your folks. I'll tell you one thing; if it works out, bath time will be dramatically different!

Keep up the good work!

Dave Dyk said...

Sorry... we accidentally deleted Sara's earlier post. Here it is:

Jonah, I'm so glad to see you finally getting on the computer! I never thought it would take 5 weeks. ;) I'm glad you're living in Portland, too, and I know Kate feels the same way. Keep up the good work!

BTW, I love your smile! It makes me melt. :)

Katie said...


You have quite a large vocabulary for a 5 week old. I would wager to say that you are better spoken than I am. (not hard to do though ) :) I loved reading your blog, you have achieved so much in such a short time. I haven't seen you smile yet, but I know when I do it will be fantastic. I look forward to reading your future messages. In the mean time keep eating and sleeping, and occasionally do something unexpected just to throw off your parents - they like that kind of stuff.

marilyn said...

You are sooo smart already! You're going to teach your parent's lots of great stuff!! I can't wait to see that smile