Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Party

I celebrated my 5th birthday in style this past weekend, Star Wars style that is. Mom and Nana had a lot of fun planning my party. I picked out some fabric I liked and with a 50% off coupon in tow, they bought enough to make a banner, flags, two table runners, silhouette pictures and cover the mirror above our buffet in the dining room. My favorite color is blue so blue felt was used to accent the black star/galaxy fabric.

Mom made lightsabers for all my friends using only pool noodles and black and silver duct tape. :-)

Our lighsaber treats were chocolate dipped pretzels. Yum!

Mom's very talented friend, Melissa, made my awesome R2D2 cake. I loved it!

We kids had a great time playing games. As part of our Jedi training, we were timed while trying to keep a balloon up in the air using only our lightsaber. Next, we practiced our aiming skills by shooting wall decals of characters from the dark side.

Then we went outside and we were given the task of destroying evil droids which were dropped down on us from above. After that, we played a Star Wars version of Simon Says, "Obi-Wan Says."

Finally, we were ready to go up against the death star. Together we overthrew the Galactic Empire!

After all that work, it was time to celebrate with food and cake.

And lastly, I opened up presents from my wonderful friends and family.

After the party was over Mom asked if I had a good time. I enthusiastically answered, "Of course I did!" What a perfect way to turn five!


Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

LOVE IT! oh my gosh. seriously...fantastic job!!!

Susanne said...

Such a cute party! LOVE the cake and the awesome pinata!!

tara said...

oh my gosh!!! i'm so sad we missed it :( it looked amazing. we NEED to get together this week. luke has been asking to go to jonah's house every night at bedtime. he wants to play with trains and give him a present...he really wants to get him a train, but i'm trying to steer him towards the star wars toys :) hope to see you soon!