Monday, September 28, 2009

Teddy Bear Parade

This past Saturday I got to be in my first parade! Every year Gresham puts on a Teddy Bear Parade and last year I was on the side-lines, but this year I was IN the parade with my preschool. I talked about it every day the week leading up to it and was so excited when the day of the parade finally arrived. Here are some photos from the day.

Me in the parade! I have a serious look on my face because we were supposed to keep moving at a pretty fast pace!

Me and Esther before the parade began

The whole family

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tara said...

hey heidi! jonah is getting so grown up...i can't believe how big he is already. hey, i noticed you wearing a wrap in that last picture--i have a brown maya wrap that i bought and used once, only to discover that i'm not the wrap type. do you want it? i also have a little something for the wee one as well. lets get together sometime. lunch maybe? or whatever works for you and the little dudette. let me know!

ps i also need your address. luke's birthday is coming up and i wanted to send you an invite. thanks buddy