Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun

I had a lot of fun this year celebrating the Halloween holiday. I wore my tigger costume several times and loved it!

I loved my pumpkin and wanted to carry it around with me all the time. Too bad my pumpkin isn't turned so you can see the great carving job and it'd be nice if I were smiling in the photo too. Oh well. I'm still cute.

I didn't actually go trick-or-treating on Halloween, but I did go trick-or-treating at my dad's office and also went to the harvest festival at Nana's church. It was kind of rainy on halloween so it's a good thing we celebrated a bit early.

Here I am at Dadddy's office.

Mindy and her two kids, Ashley and Addy, met us at Nana's church festival. Here's a photo of all of us at the festival. In case you're wondering, Nana had just eaten a blue raspberry snow cone before this photo was taken.

I love my friend, Ashley, and am going to miss her now that she's gone back home to Kansas City.

Mom and Dad got dressed up for a halloween party of their own last night and I got to stay home with Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill is the best! Dad didn't want to wear too elaborate a costume so Mom finally convinced him to go as JFK and she dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Mom finally got her chance to be blonde and big-chested. heehee!



Susanne said...

Very cute pictures! We thought it was going to rain on halloween, but lucked out. It was actually kind of warm!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Tigger is cute, but I do believe that Marilyn and JFK take the cake! Hilarious! I haven't had a party to dress up for in years! LOVE IT!

Karin Hopkins said...

Cutest Tiger ever!! You looked like you guys had so much fun!!

Susanne said...

Thanks for the comment! You're gonna LOVE the 50 mm lens. I use that one the majority of the time and it's the only one I use when I'm doing portraits. As for the Christmas card, I just made up the design myself. :-) And for Gavin's hair, I use a "2". I'm not sure what that means in inches...

tara said...

hey i haven't been able to check this in awhile, so i just discovered the scandalous costumes. well done marilyn! you guys all looked fabulous. i wanted to let you know that andy's business is working in portland this summer so i need to tag along with you on all your adventures!