Thursday, September 04, 2008

An Update and Photos!

Mom, Dad and I have been trying to do some last minute fun stuff before the summer ends. It's already getting cooler and we are getting more and more rain so I feel fall is just around the corner.

This past weekend, however, the weather was perfect for our trip to the Oregon State Fair. We met up with my friend Bodhi and his fam for a fun day. I got to see tons of farm animals. Quite a change for this city boy!

The pigs made me a little nervous when they oinked, but I loved petting the bunnies!

I loved sitting on the tractors!

Here's a video of Bodhi and me dancing to the awesome fair music.

I also went to ride the merry-go-round at Jantzen Beach today with Kate, our moms, and grandmas. What a fun time! I wanted to go again and again and again... I'm sure we'll go back for another couple rides 'cause Kate and I loved riding the carousel horses!

Best Friends Forever.

After we rode the carousel a few times, we had lunch at the Island Cafe where I got to see boats driving by and I even got to feed some ducks and one big goose!

Tomorrow we are planning to go see the baby elephant that was recently born at our local zoo. I love summer outings!

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Susanne said...

How fun! I love the pictures with him and his little girlfriend. They are so darling together! Kaitlyn had a little friend up in Washington that was like that with her. When we went up in June, they acted super shy around each other. It was so cute!