Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beach trip, train show and good weather

This past weekend my family and I decided to take advantage of the good weather we've been having and so we took a day trip to the beach. I've been to Lincoln City, Pacific Beach and even to the beach in So Cal, so this time we headed to Seaside, OR. My aunt Mary, Marisa, Brian and Bodhi also we there; we had a great time! I wasn't too sure about walking on the beach barefoot, but eventually I got used to it. After we walked on the beach, we strolled around town and stopped by the carousel which Dad took me on twice. Yessss!!!

Also during the weekend, I visited the Train Show at the expo center. There were so many trains there; I could hardly believe it. I even got to ride in one with my dad!
The weather has continued to remain nice throughout the week so Mom and I took the MAX down to Gresham Station and walked around for a bit. I am hoping we go to the park as soon as we have another sunny day. Maybe early next week? I miss the park!


Susanne said...

How fun! He is getting so big!!!

Mindy and Benjamin said...

I love those pictures on the beach...they are too cute.

Karin Hopkins said...

I love the beach! Sarah especially likes digging in the sand and putting it in her for Mom!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

I see I am going to be redundant, but I don't care. Those beach pictures are the cutest. You should totally have the behind shot turned into a family pic for your house. I love it.