Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chilly weather in November

Because it's been getting cooler here in the great NW, I've been doing a lot more indoors. Mom took me to the sip 'n play again so I could play with my friends, Bodhi and Kate, and also to play with all the cool toys they have there. I love that indoor play structure they have there!

I also went with Mom and Grandma Jane, or 'Na Na' as I call her, to the Mills End fabric store. I think I had even more fun than they did there! The place is big and open and because it was pretty empty of customers, Mom let me run around a bit. I had the most fun playing 'hide and seek' with one of the nice ladies that works there. When it was time to leave, I was pretty upset. Mom says we'll go back again, so I'm hoping it'll be soon.

We have gone outside some too. One day we needed to do some shopping at our local outdoor mall, so Mom and Dad took turns wearing me in our new winter carrier. It was so cozy!! After we did our shopping, we stopped at Starbucks to warm our insides up with a holiday drink. Yum!

Because we've been spending more time at home, I've had the opportunity to find ways to get into more mischief... I've used our little stool (which was actually purchased for Mom to use when she needs to reach things on the top shelves in our kitchen) to climb up on the dining room table and I also tried to get into the bathroom by standing on the stool. I can't quite get the handle turned enough to get it open, but I'm working on it! In case you're wondering why the bathroom door is kept closed, it's because I have a tendency to unroll the toilet paper roll and I also like to play with the toilet lid/seat, which really, really grosses Mom out.

Mom and I do get bored from time to time from being cooped up inside, so here's a goofy video we took of me having fun throwing my food on the floor while in the high chair. She doesn't usually let me throw my food on the floor, but like I said, we were bored. Sorry that it's kind of long. :)

Well, hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!



Susanne said...

Too cute! I love hearing babies laugh! :-) Yeah, we're super excited about the move... we have to stay there for at least a year, but it might end up being much longer if we like it there! So if you're ever driving down that way, you should stop by!

Jennifer said...

It was so good to see a video of you!! We miss you, and wish we could be with you for Thanksgiving. Have a great week!! And we hope you get a chance to get outside some, so you are not too bored.