Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Washington Travels

I have been on the road a lot these past few weeks. First my parents, Grandma Dyk, and I traveled to Seattle to visit my aunt Carrie and her boyfriend, Mike, and also a friend of my parents, Sarah, who lives in Seattle as well. I got to visit a couple really neat parks and also went through the Seattle Aquarium. Lots of fun stuff to look at there!

While we were at the park near the Key Arena, Grandma Dyk spotted a tattoo expo going on nearby and decided we should go get matching tattoos! Here we are out front of the expo waiting to get in!

The next weekend I traveled to Yakima, where my great grandma and grandpa Northcott live. I got to know their dog, Jill, a bit better and had fun running around outside in the backyard, hoping that one of the neighbors' horses would come over to say 'hello' to me.

Then yesterday, I had to say good-bye to my grandma Dyk and send her home (that being Dallas, TX). We had a lot of fun having her around, but I think the most fun we had together was when we went to the Sandy River with Kate and Sara. I loved playing in the sand with the shovel and also with the sticks I found lying around.

Hope you all are doing well and that we can catch up real soon.


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